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The services we provide to the members of the disabled community is one of the ways we we actively empower them to participate in the community, and live independently. Please explore the services we can offer you below.

Our information and referral services can help you identify, navigate, and understand the abundance of information as well as local community resources available to you.

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Through our peer support services we can help you connect with other people with disabilities for support, and provide them the opportunity to share valuable life experiences.

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Our advocacy services can help you find the empowerment to advocate for the rights of yourself, and all those with disabilities.

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Through our Independent living skills training program you can receive the guidance and training necessary to enhance your knowledge and develop skills to lead a more productive and independent life.

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Our transition assistance program can help assist you with relocating from a nursing home, school, or other institution into your own community.


Our assistive technology service can assist you in finding and operating technology in order to maintain your independence.


Through our durable medical equipment recycling program you can receive or donate items such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, and more.

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Road 2 Independence provides students with the tools and skills needed to discover their desire to learn from other's experiential journeys in order to achieve the great self determined Road 2 Independence.

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Our home access modification program can help you navigate the process of modifying your own home for greater accessibility.

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